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Not Another Salon

Brick Lane, Shorditch, London.

The Perfect Bleed Colouring Course.

I had the best day a few months back with the talented Sophia Hilton and her amazing team.

I had been Instagram stalking Not Another Salon for months, daily "loving" the images they had created and wishing I could re create the same! 

Sophia has created a salon with a "no judgment policy".

She also endorces honesty within the industry. Speaking on behalf of all the hair stylists and colourist that media images are often retouched or filtered and that expectations of what can be achieved are misleading..

The day began with an introduction to Sophia, her background and the dream of how Not Another Salon evolved.

A live model was used for the first lesson in Colour Bleeding.

Watching Sophia work was a privilege.

She created a relaxed, honest atmosphere as she demonstrated the best method to use and why.

We were then treated to another live demonstration using " chemical colours" as opposed to "crazy colours" which are generally vegetable based and no peroxide is needed.

This was created by darkening the root and bleeding into a copper mid length and ends.

We all took part in this and had a go at blending the colour through with Sophia on hand to help!

Our last live model was a back basin balayage.

Now this was just amazing to learn, it's difficult to explain in words and with out pictures but we were taught how to lighten the ends using a bleeding technique with bleach and water at the basin. 

It was one of those moments where I thought, this is a game changer! 

Something that is simple but will take time to get perfect but can produce a beautiful balayage in less time.

Towards the end of the day we were encouraged to have a go ourselves!!

Choosing any colour we wished....

This gave us the chance to practise what we had been shown, ask any questions and just get messy!! 

Anyone wanting to go on a creative colouring course I would highly recommend  Not Another Salon.

Sophia and her whole team are kind, inspirational and we are lucky to have them in the industry.

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