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Comfort Zones

January 2017 will be holding some new and exciting prospects for me. This is the year that i push my self out of my comfort zone and into things that will test my confidence , abilities and skill.

Planning ahead with my talented friend Kerry. Our friendship began in the summer of 2013 , where Kerry was our wedding Photographer. This lady captures images so beautifully and is not your traditional wedding photographer. Far from it in fact.

One our most recent styled shoots we worked on together was in Spring 2016 and was featured on the infamous Love My dress blog.

We are planning another shoot in early spring/summer this year so watch this space.

In early February I will be visiting the trendy Brick Lane in London. Super excited to be attending a Colour Bleeding course in the award winning -

Not Another Salon Academy.

I have a feeling i will be visiting London a few more times this year, mainly to develop my skills not only as a hair stylist but an editorial stylist.


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